The Lost Mare

One day, an old man living on the frontier lost one of his mares. All his neighbors felt sorry for him and came to console him, but the old man was not in the least disheartened. “Well,” he said, “I don’t care much about it. Who can say that it is not for good also?”

A few days later the mare returned, accompanied by a fine wild horse. The neighbors were surprised and came to congratulate him full of praise of the horse. The old man showed no sign of happiness. “Joy often begets sorrow,” he said, “so who cannot tell if this won’t turn out to be a bad thing?”

Change Your Mind

A man lost his axe and suspected that his neighbor’s son had stolen it. He watched the youth closely and his suspicion brewed increasingly…

Love = Joy

A parishioner approached the priest and asked: “How should I best use my days so that God will be contented with my actions?”

“There is only one way possible, and that is to live with love,” replied the priest.

A few minutes later, another member of the parish asked the same question of the priest…

Love Above All

“Love is the joy of the good, the wonder of the wise, the amazement of the Gods.”

Passing Through

An American tourist went to Cairo. He wished to see the pyramids, the Cairo Museum and the Nile. The other important thing on his list was to visit with the famous Polish rabbi, Hafez Ayim…

Limited Expansion

Everyone in his community adored the rabbi; they were all enchanted with everything he said. Except for Isaac that is, who never missed an opportunity to contradict the rabbi’s interpretations, or to point out errors in the rabbi’s teaching. The others in the community were disgusted by Isaac’s behavior.

One day Isaac died. During the funeral the community noticed that the rabbi looked very sad. After the funeral someone asked the rabbi why he was so sad, as Isaac found fault with everything the rabbi did…

Compassion Transforms

A slave named Androcles once escaped from his master and fled to the forest. As he was wandering about there he came upon a Lion lying down moaning and groaning…

Kingdom of this World

An old hermit was once invited to visit the court of the most powerful king of the day. At his audience the king said, “I envy a holy man, who is content with so little…”

A Bet

When the great Rabbi Yitzhak Meir was studying the traditions of his people, one of his friends said to him jokingly: “I’ll give you a florin if you can tell me where God lives….”

The Judgmental Monk

One of the monks of Sceta said to Abbot Mateus: “My tongue is always causing me problems. When I am among the faithful I just can’t control myself and I end up condemning their wrong actions”…