“The consciousness first originates as word…. World comes out of the word and, having existed, it will merge into the word as systematically as it has appeared from the word”.
— Shri Shantananda Saraswati 1991


Refined , adorned , ornamented , polished , highly elaborated (esp. applied to highly wrought speech , such as the Sanskrit language as opp , to the vernaculars)  Sir Monier Monier-Williams Sanskrit-English dictionary p. 1121,1

Sanskrit is an essential aid to:

    • understanding in depth the wisdom contained in the Upanishads and Bhagavad Gita;
    • understanding spiritual concepts which are not capable of accurate expression in English;
    • purifying the mind through sound;
    • mastering certain spiritual disciplines effective in tuning the mind so that it becomes a suitable vehicle for self-realization;
    • understanding the laws of creation;
    • learning much of value about one’s own language;
    • knowing and speaking the truth.

The online study of Sanskrit follows the syllabus of a 9-term program, “Sanskrit for Philosophy Students”.  It is only open to students currently enrolled in the Philosophy program as it is found to be an excellent aid to the philosophical inquiry.

It is open to students in the Philosophy program with certain pre-requisites, please write to to inquire if you meet the pre-requisites.