Technical Tips for the Online Environment

Click for instructions on joining and configuring audio and video.

Technical requirements – Click here for the minimum technical requirements and recommended equipment.
All students see and hear everyone in the classroom.
For video, you will need to have a webcam or built-in webcam.
For audio, a decent quality headset is preferred but built-in speakers and a built-in microphone or webcam-microphone will work just fine.
Typically when you have registered for an online class, you will be sent instructions with a link and password some weeks in advance of your class start date.  On most computers, clicking the link to join your class will involve, the first time, downloading and installing a small program.  If it does not download and install automatically, you can do so manually by going here:    Once you have that Zoom program on your computer, you can simply enter the Meeting ID you were given identifying your classroom and then, when asked, enter the password (not your personal password but the group password you were sent for the particular class).

If you have any questions, please write to