Technical Tips for the Online Environment

Click for instructions on installing on a Mac
Click for instructions on installing the iPad App

Here is a short video which will take you on a tour of the online classroom:

Typically when you have registered for an online class, you will be sent instructions with a link and password some weeks in advance of your class start date.  Some computers or environments do not allow for the link method to work in which case you will need to download and install a small program or application called the ‘conferencing client’.   This download only needs to be performed once and then you save the application to run it from your desktop or, on a Mac, from your Applications folder.  Simply use this link to download the conferencing client:

TROUBLE INSTALLING? If you find you keep installing the Omnijoin software again and again, you may need to delete an old version and then begin from the beginning.  Click for instructions on removing the Omnijoin files.

Tips for Using Omnijoin with Low Bandwidth

MOBILE DEVICES are slower to process data, which may negatively impact a low bandwidth situation in areas with weak internet.
In addition, the experience on a mobile device is not as full as on a computer — for example you will only see a maximum of 4 videos. Wherever possible, use a computer.

A WIRED ETHERNET CONNECTION is recommended instead of wi-fi for stable, consistent network speed.


If you have any questions, please write to